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Lavanya Bahuguna


Warning: This Sexist Ad Objectifying Woman’s Body Will Irk You

  • IWB Post
  •  December 9, 2015


Brand ‘I Love Ugly’ has recently released few ads that are clearly objectifying women.

On Dec. 1, this New Zealand based men’s clothing company called ‘I Love Ugly’ launched an advertising campaign for its new jewelry collection.

The ads show men being fully covered while the female models are naked as f*ck. Amazingly, these fully-clothed men are shown modeling their bejeweled hands all over the naked women’s body. Really?

Soon after facing an outrage on social media, the brand removed the ads from internet. See how they dared to put a man’s hand resting on a woman’s bare butt, vagina and what not! Ugh!


Rae Duff, the president for the National Council of Women for New Zealand, told BuzzFeed, “The images use women’s bodies as mere props and promote unequal power dynamics. It reflects how too often women in our society are seen as merely sexual objects and this feeds into our culture of abuse and violence against women. As a brand that targets young men, they should be doing more to promote healthy attitudes.”

We couldn’t agree more.

However, in order to cover the damage they posted more ads on Twitter showing that ‘objectifying’ is not a thing.


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