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Want your man to enter kitchen? Change yourself first!

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  •  March 16, 2015


Because we are a women’s blog, don’t expect us to go against men. By the end of this blog, we are listing our complaints from women. But first, read this –

Be it any corner of the world, people are still shocked to see men in the kitchen. Since the Stone Age, man has been bringing food to home while the woman cooks it. But how long could we keep sending our poor men for hunting in the dark jungles? Like a good soul mate, woman quickly decided to have the share of pain. She has always been kind, you see. But at that, she has her own desires. Desire to taste the fame and fortune. Desire to be independent. One cannot control desires. And just like her counterpart, she steadily realized her power to take over the jungle. After all, there were no jungle rules that read ‘Only Men Allowed’!

Even after so many centuries, people can’t digest the thought of women walking shoulder to shoulder with men. They think a woman outside her kitchen is against the nature’s law. But there isn’t any law, we are tired of explaining!

Ever wondered why do we have to do so much of explaining and arguing? Because somewhere we, women are responsible for ‘living’ these tags. Every now and then, all of a sudden, one of us realizes that she is not meant to live behind those 4 walls. And then begins the fight. It is us (the women) who have somewhere agreed to be in the kitchen, and we are equally responsible for the social inequality.

A sight of a man working in kitchen still makes us skip a beat.

A husband helping his wife in household chores is appreciated as if he has won the Olympic.

A son standing in the kitchen makes us raise brows.

A bachelor cooking food for him makes us question the whereabouts of his maid.

WHY DO WE DO SO? Let us stop complaining about men and demanding them to change, it’s time to realize that it is us who need a shift in mindset.

JWB SAYS: while letting men enter our kitchens and help us once in a while, we should not forget that we are gifted with the nature’s ability to handle household work with brilliancy. No matter how perfectly they chop the veggies, it is women who know about the secret  masala that adds to the taste of any dish! Women are wondrous and know the power of pen at workplace and the capability of a chapatti pin in the kitchen. Let’s not forget this while carving our own path. Let us make a successful home that will back our successful careers. Let us have it all. :)

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