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Want A Rocking Sex Life? Help Your Lady In Household Chores!

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  •  November 24, 2015


A new study of University of Alberta has found that if spouses share household chores, they have better and more frequent sex life. *claps*

Matt Johnson, a family ecology professor, studied that when men help their female spouses in tasks that they consider feminine, like cooking and doing laundry, the couples indulge in more sex. The reason is clear – make your lady happy and you can have it all!

This study was five-year long and indulged about 1,338 German couples in the survey. Johnson says, “A division of household labor perceived to be fair ensures that partners feel respected while carrying out the tasks of daily life. Completing housework may or may not be enjoyable, but knowing that a partner is pulling his weight prevents anger and bitterness, creating more fertile ground in which a (satisfying) sexual encounter may occur.”

These newer finding only reinforces the importance of sharing the mundane parts of life in order to share the exceptional ones. Don’t you agree? *wink wink*

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