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Voted The Most Unsafe City In India, Delhi Now Has 4 Women District Chiefs

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  •  September 10, 2018

A 2017 report by the National Crime Records Bureau reveals some disturbing albeit expected statistics. The capital’s crime rates have skyrocketed to more than twice of the national average. To add to it, every year, the capital registers the maximum number of rape cases among 19 major cities.

However, of late, a positive change is to be seen. “More the cases against women, more number of them are ready to come forward. This is change by itself,” says Nupur Prasad, one of the four women district police chiefs in Delhi.

Voted the most unsafe city for women, Delhi now boasts of four women district chiefs, the maximum that it has had so far. Aslam Khan from Rajasthan, Monika Bharadwaj from Haryana, Nupur Prasad from Bihar, and Meghana Yadav from Delhi are the four women cops who have taken the charge to make Delhi a better place for its women.

“Being mothers and striking that balance between personal and professional emergencies is a key challenge we all face,” shares Nupur, who was the first one among the four to assume the post. However, that’s not the only challenge that these gritty women are facing.

While the number of female officers who watch over entire districts has risen lately and now stands at 4 out of 14 currently, the percentage of total women workforce across sectors in Delhi remains staggeringly low at 11 percent.

However, these women officers are positive that the situation will improve from here on. “We are improving. We want to get to a day when it will not be a big thing that there are even 14  women officers for all 14 districts. We want it to be the new normal,” says Meghana Yadav.

Meghana adds that while this is the beginning of a change, nothing would really improve unless the men learn to respect women. “Even if we fill all 14 posts, unless men in rural or city background respect women, nothing will change,” she says.

Even these four senior officers haven’t had it easy. Nupur shares, “We have to interact with male cops on a daily basis. Officers come from different backgrounds and sometimes, they need to be directed on how to interact with women. Sentisisation is the only way, starting with male cops to everyone in the society and this change in attitude needs to begin at home.”

Of late, these women cops have found easy assistance in social media. “Social media is a space for us to present our side of the story and prevent rumors or fake news. As cops we don’t just solve crimes, we do a lot more for the society like run campaigns, etc. and a platform like Twitter helps us do just that,” shares Monika Bharadwaj. Monika has over 20,000 followers on Twitter and she personally handles the complaints that she spots on the platform.

However, the good news is that public panic buttons and all-women police patrol teams have been announced for Delhi and 7 other major cities under a women’s safety programme for which Rs 3,000 crore have been sanctioned by the home ministry.

The other seven cities where it would be implemented include Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Lucknow from 2018-19 to 2020-21.

To add to it, transit dormitories for women and children, smart LED streetlights, one-stop crisis centres, and forensic and cyber crime cells have also been announced as a part of the Women Safe City Project.

Safe city proposals amounting to Rs 2,919.55 crore were approved under the ‘Nirbhaya Fund’ recently which was set up in 2013 for enhancing women’s safety and security.







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