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VIDEO: The Deaf Couple Norma and Cecilio Have Had 46 Kickass Years of Marriage

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  •  October 3, 2015


We have friends and better halves nagging about how hard relationships, it gets so boring after sometime, and things that give us the chills to even mention!

Having a whopping 46 year marriage, the deaf couple, Norma and Cecilio think otherwise. And theirs is the most adorable love story we’ve ever read! They sat with The Skin Deep recently and discussed what kept them sailing so far.

We’re all ears!

The conversation began with Cecilio recalling how they fell in love.



He asked her why she agreed to marry him. Norma said that her parents had always wanted her to marry a deaf man.



Okay, so turns out that Norma proposed to him!


Cecilio said that his friends always thought that apart from the fact that they were both deaf, they had nothing in common.


Cecilio didn’t agree!


True love always lasts!


Norma asked him the question every woman wants to know the answer to, “What makes you still love me?”


She doesn’t deny it!


So guys, we’ve got ourselves a brand new relationship goal! Love that lasts forever is the best kind of love.

Watch the video here:

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