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Video: What makes being a Feminist so scary?

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  •  June 30, 2015


Once in my Media Studies class, my friend asked me: “Are you a feminist?” Although, I always believed in equality of genders, but labeling myself a feminist seemed quite a deal to me.

In a new video Melissa Fabello, managing editor of Everyday Feminism, asks: “Why is it so scary to call yourself a feminist?”

Word Feminism itself carries many stereotypic tags. Some think that it is a word synonymous with hate for men. (Are you serious? Hating men!) While others believe that it means being rebellious in a negative way.

But what does the F-word stand for?

As Melissa Fabello says in her video, “Feminism for me is to keep myself accountable to make sure that my actions always match my values”.

Being a feminist or not is an individual’s choice. However, understanding its real meaning through adequate education is the need of the hour.

We hope this video will help you to decide whether to identify as a feminist or not.

If you feel it, then say it proudly without any fear, “Yes, I am a Feminist”.

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