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Video: Uggh. Another One Bites The Dust With A Sexist Ad! Et tu, Dabur Honey?

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  •  October 30, 2015


Hahahha. Okay, that’s obviously a strange way to begin an article, but… excuse me for a second… Hahahahahhahahaha.

Are you wondering if this is supposed to be a funny article? Honestly, this article is so sad that it has crossed all limits of being sad, and that’s why it makes me laugh.

It’s like breaking the sound barrier. Remember the South Park episode where Eric Cartman laughs so much that he can’t laugh anymore? Okay fine, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but how can anyone even think of releasing an advertisement like this, it is utterly sexist!

This Dabur Honey ad begins with a woman drinking Dabur Honey and looking all sexy. She asks her husband “kaisi lag rahi hoon”, and he responds in affirmation. Next, he comes up to her and pulls her mangal sutra out and says, “better”. To which she says, “aw, jealous husbands kitne cute lagte hain na”. I mean, excuse me if I’m almost about to…f*ck man! What a chauvinist!

Khud jitna marzi sexy lag jaaye hum, humari lugaai ko koi kaise taad le?

Sexist Sexist Sexist Tujhe log bole, tujhe nahi pata tujhko kyun bolein?

Watch the video:

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