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VIDEO: UCB’s Campaign #UnitedByHalf Reminds Us Why The World Needs Gender Equality

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  •  February 17, 2017


We fight gender stereotypes all the time. I think most of us fight them on a daily basis. And, in most cases, we might not even realize the intensity of this.

Come on, think back. How many times has your family asked you not to step out because it’s 10 pm? Kyunki yahaan crime time dekh kar hota hai, aur gender bhi.

In a lot of ways, this is true, too. Gender inequality exists in the tiniest of things. For example, when your boyfriend doesn’t want you to enter the cigarette-ki-dukan because log kya kahenge, it is also a form of gender inequality.img_1 (4)

Having said that, we always look to blame the other gender in some way or the other. No, sir. It’s enough. It’s really enough. We have long gotten to the root of the cause, and yet we keep beating it around the bush.img_2 (4)

Benetton got Kalki Koechlin as the face of their new, and really powerful campaign “Enough.” In this video, Benetton celebrates regular women. Their focus is simple. Women don’t want it all.img_3 (3)

No, really, they don’t. They are just looking for their halves. In the story of the monkey and the two cats, they forgot to mention that the two halves of the cake denoted equality.img_6 (1)

Mind-blown? Wait until you watch the video:

The campaign #UnitedByHalf is trying to show women as equal halves. The video calls out to everyone from all sections of the society.

Do you want to join the movement, and believe in the cause dearly? Click here and take the pledge to join it.

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