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Video: This Is What Happens When Women Order Beer Around Men!

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  •  December 16, 2015


“One beer for me, please!” “I would like to order one pint of beer!” “No cocktail, beer please!” The voice echoes in a pub.

But, hey! Before you start jumping the gun, Let’s Grab A Beer shows that ladies drink beer too – and oops we ordered beer again (unlike Martini).

This video captures another amazing insight that guys, too, play with their taste buds and order Martini and not beer (really), and how the Steward ends up giving beer to the man and hands over the Martini to the girl, ALWAYS.

It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man #WeAllLoveBeer

Posted by We All Love Beer on Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Women too like to unwind with their lovelies, and they have found a great companion in beer as #WeAllLoveBeer.  In a way, it surely is news to rejoice for men as now they can plan more date nights with their women.

So say Cheers! To beer, as one love! One heart! One beer- Bob Marley keeps ringing in our head when we order our drink.

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