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Video: This Happens When You Ask Comedian Kanan Gill To Talk About Feminism

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  •  September 28, 2015


Hey you guys must have heard about the Pharell Williams song Happy, with the catchy music and lyrics that went viral all over the world. But wait till you hear about comedian Kanan Gill’s idea of being happy.

“I am not a feminist, I am not a sexist …I am happy!”

The three and a half minute video will leave you in splits, as Kanan goes on to explain his take on sexism, feminism and why women should (or shouldn’t) wear short clothes, and with hilarious consequences.

“I believe in whatever the group of people around me believes for maximum success.”

Although said in a humourous way, what Kanan has to say is not too different from what most of us believe, isn’t it?

“I walk in protest with empty signs. Or my sign is just an arrow pointing towards another man who is holding a placard.”

Wait…What? Yes you heard it right! It does appear that nowadays after hearing the word feminism that is the reaction that we men give. Will speak in favour of feminism and women’s rights but as soon as it is time to put our words to action, I depend on the guy beside me to ‘lead the way.’

“I am not your side or their side. I am outside,” says Kanan, with the rest of the audience howling with laughter. He rightly points out that instead of listening or taking part in a debate, our ‘masculine’ intuition is always there to bail us out of crunch situations. (especially if the discussion is one of women’s rights)

But the real fun is in store towards the end of Kanan’s gig.

What happens when you are taking part in a debate and speaking for something, actually which you are against to? Keep reading.

“Women shouldn’t wear short clothes because…. Of animal attacks!”

Aha…who said that we have run out of lame excuses as long as such one liners are in store.

“What if a lion comes and you are not wearing steel pants?”

By the time the video ends, Kanan had subtly put in quite a few barbs towards ‘us’ men, since most of us are so eager to speak about women’s rights (as long as we don’t have to follow what we say and let’s face the fact, it looks cool) and empowerment.

It surely appears that Kanan has found comedy as a great way speak about important issues, about which we otherwise are not ‘serious’ enough.

Watch the video here:

Well from team JWB we would say, way to go Kanan!

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