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VIDEO: The Nightmare Of Your First Bra

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  •  June 24, 2015

Do you remember wearing your first bra? I, for one, felt embarrassed. All of a sudden a feeling that you are no more a girl and are turning into a WOMAN popped up in my mind.

This exact thought has been captured by director and visual artist Natalie Neal, who has created a short film called ‘Seashells’ that shows the dilemma of every pre-teen girl.

The girl in the film undergoes terror & sadness seeing her first bra her mom has bought for her. But later the film shows how her emotions change after wearing one.

Natalie tells Dazed Digital about her first encounter with a bra – “I was 10 when my mom first told me I needed a bra, and the experience was totally traumatic for me. Of all my memories, this is the earliest I have of what it meant to struggle in an effort to meet society’s unreasonable demands for me.”

She talks about the motivation behind making this film – “The abrupt change in how people treated me as a married woman was such a slap in the face that my whole perspective in life changed. One of the things that had me very interested during that time was how women are expected to change their decisions based on how other people react to their body.”

Watch the film Seashells below and share your thoughts!

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