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Video: The Guardian’s Women Journalists Tell How They Are Treated Online By Online Haters

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  •  July 9, 2015

The Guardian‘s 4 female writers/journalists have come forward to talk openly about internet abuse they have faced.Online harassment has become a grave issue. Online haters say everything from ‘You should be raped‘ to ‘I will stab you in the stomach‘ to people whose work is all about the online world. This includes bloggers, youtubers, journalists, celebs, etc. Sadly, women who work online are the main targets.

This video published by The Guardian shows its women-force reading the emails/tweets/messages they have received on social media in response to something they have posted. These emails are rude, threatening and have foul language being used.

See the video where the journalists are reading comments having phrases like ‘cold-hearted, emotionless, stony bitch, hope you’ll die in a gasoline-explosion-induced car crash’.

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