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VIDEO: Teenage Girls Are Ultimate Role Models

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  •  June 8, 2015


Hey teenage girls,

As a teenager, it is easy to feel lost, to get swallowed up by the mob and lose your voice. We have all been victim to that. Anyone who says they have not, either lying or under the age of 13 years. When a teenage girl undertakes any incredible task of courage, adults tremble in fear and try to suppress her voice.

People think that the teenage girls are too young and delicate to do anything powerful. But history has given us such examples which prove that these young girls have immense capacity to bring a revolution in the world.

Whether it is 13-year-old Anne Frank, 14-year-old Joan of Arc, 15-year-old Malala, 16-year-old Mary Shelly, 17-year-old Jackie Mitchell or 18-year-old Sacajawea, they all are treated as nothing more than a spark of a burning bush. Though, they are remembered long after they put down their torches.

There will always be those who say you are too young or too delicate to make anything happen for yourself, but they do not see the part of you that burns within. Do not let them affect your bravery, determination and power. You are needed to bring a change.

You do not need to grow up to find greatness. You are so much stronger than the world has ever told you could be.

People who think teenage girls are “too young or too delicate” to accomplish anything are sorely mistaken.


Team JWB

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