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Video: Stand-up Comedian discusses Marital Rape with Audience

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  •  May 29, 2015


“Indian men understand marital rape the same way women understand the offside rule in football. It’s all about the line that should not be crossed.”

Doesn’t it sound sexist? Stand-up Comedian Daniel Fernandes had really a bad idea to joke on such a painful issue like marital rape.

You remember, the refusal by the Indian government to accept marital rape as a criminal act, and saying that the concept of marital rape does not apply in the Indian context as marriage is ‘sacred’, had led to a spirited discussion both on and offline.

According to The Mint, in 2013, the National Crime Records Bureau reported over 1,18,000 domestic violence cases, which made up of one-third of all crimes against women – far ahead of molestation, 70,739 and rape, 33,707.

Soon after not-so-funny show, Daniel Fernandes accepted that the joke he cracked during a stand-up routine at the Canvas Laugh Club in Mumbai was of the bad taste.

To rehabilitate himself, this time Fernandes has used humour to put the issue of domestic violence in its correct perspective. “Just because she said ‘I do’, does not mean that you never have to ask again,” he said.

Here’s the video of Fernandes, in which he is using comedy to discuss marital rape with his audience. Watch and share your comments!

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