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VIDEO: Sexual Assault Survivors Tell What No One Tells You About Assault

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  •  November 20, 2015


Buzzfeed Yellow has come up with this video showing three different survivors of assault telling the world “what no one tells you about being assaulted.” 

These 2 women and one man can be seen reciting a poem that describes their agony. The first three lines of the poem emphasize the ongoing stereotypes about assault victims:

“It happened to me even though I’m a guy.”

“It happened to me even though I wasn’t wearing revealing clothing.”

“I wasn’t drunk or inebriated.”

Watch the thrilling video below:

This poem describes the difficulties and the taboos these survivors have faced so far. Sadly, like many others, they too are ‘forced’ to feel guilty about what had happened to them.

To shut these thoughts, the trio say in the video, “I am not a victim, I am a survivor. It happened to me, but I am more than a statistic. I am not damaged goods. I am healing.” 


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