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Video: See Young Women Destroying Gender-Based Barriers #LikeAGirl

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  •  July 9, 2015

On our page, we have always admired the ad series #LikeAGirl killing gender stereotypes. The hashtag was made to inform men that there is nothing girls can’t do, and urging girls to not let any limitation stop them.

#LikeAGirl campaign has published its new ad ‘Unstoppable’ where girls are smashing blocks that say about society limits and gender biases.

In the video the girls are asked if they’ve ever been told they shouldn’t do something because they’re girls. Everyone of them says “yes.”

Aren’t we responsible behind their ‘yes’? Don’t we, as parents, tell our girls that they can’t do a certain thing because ‘girls don’t do it’?

The video also shows the 18-year-old actress and female empowerment advocate Maisie Williams to encourage the featured girls. She tells The Huffington Post: “These expectations have a profound effect on their confidence, especially at puberty. But I believe there are things we can do to change that. I know what a big role confidence plays in achieving any goal, and I think it is vital for young women to stay confident at puberty and motivated to pursue their passions.”

Watch the video where some strong girls are punching, kicking and hammering the white boxes that are metaphorically representing the gender-stigmas in our society.

Hey girls, be unstoppable. xoxo

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