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Himanshu Roy

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Video ‘Notebook’ Shows The Happy Realization Of A Little Son

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  •  December 23, 2015


Have you ever thought how much difference you can make in your mom’s life with just a little help with daily household chores? If you haven’t, then you got to watch this video.

After coming home from school, a little boy is brimming with excitement to tell his mother that he is going to act in a school play. But mommy has so many things on her plate and seriously, the way she juggles between feeding a toddler, speaking on the phone, washing utensils and cooking, she might appear as an avatar of Goddess Durga.

And then? This little boy who notices the plight of his mother decides to take things in his hand.

With just a notebook and a few words scribbled on it, this young Samaritan comes up with a perfect plan to make the life easier for his mother. Every day he does some of the chores that otherwise are ‘considered’ as his mother’s forte. Hence, buying her time so that she can attend the play.

The video ends with the play being staged, and as his mother watches the boy perform, her eyes glisten with tears of joy. No wonder, this play called, “Notebook” has won a Cannes Bronze Lion.

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