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VIDEO: My hijab has nothing to do with oppression. It’s a feminist statement

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  •  June 25, 2015

A video of Hanna Yusuf has surfaced on The Guardian with the following note:

She asks why a simple piece of clothing is seen as the very epitome of oppression. She says many women find empowerment in rejecting the idea that women can be reduced to their sexual allure – and we should not assume that every woman who wears the hijab has been forced into it.

We agree. Most of us think Muslim women are forced to wear hijab, however, the truth is something else. For women like Hanna, it’s a sign of feminism.

Speaking on behalf of such women, Hanna urges people to stop assuming that all veiled women are oppressed. She clearly mentions in the video:

“Wearing a hijab means rejecting the message that women must be sexy but not slutty, stick-thin but still curvy, youthful but all natural….There’s nothing inherently liberating in covering up, just as there’s nothing inherently liberating in wearing next to nothing. But the liberation lies in the choice.”

Watch the video below:

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