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Video: Modern Women React To Old School Sex Advice

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  •  September 21, 2015


Come’on, we all need sex advise from those experienced and informed, be it our old granny or the honest internet.

In a video for Glamour, you can see 6 women reacting to old school sex advice. Check out what the popular tips from 1680 to 1963 do to these modern women:

Funny, right? Especially this ancient sex-tip:

“I would have no Woman tantalize a Man with her hand, since she hath a more proper place to receive and bestow his instrument.”

However, we totally love what one of them said – “Women are awesome when they’re strong, when they’re confident, when they’re smart, when they know who they are, what they want. And if a guy can’t feel manly on his own — kick him out.”


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