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Priya Motiani

IWB Blogger

Video: If Diet Ads Told The Truth – A Must Watch!

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  •  November 14, 2015


This video by HuffPost will first make you laugh and then will leave you with a sudden realization of how you have been fooled your entire life…

… by Dieting commercials, that is. Try to recollect what those cliché commercials have been telling you since eternity. And if you cannot recollect, just watch this video which shows a sarcastic mockery of them.

Just as no two minds are the same, no two bodies are similar either. It may not be possible for everyone to undergo a rigorous diet regime that the ads promote, and even if possible; it may not be healthy and may rather be harmful.

What needs to be taken into serious consideration are the severe effects of such regimes on the body as well as on the mind. Don’t you think?

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