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VIDEO: How Teen Girls Experience & Fight Street Harassment

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  •  June 13, 2015

ImMEDIAte Justice films are always women empowering ones. This latest short film shows teenage girls who wanted to share their experiences with catcalling. Street harassment or catcalling is one of the common kind of abuse that most of the women face around the world.

One of the girls shares in the video: “I’ve been harassed just about everywhere, I’ve been harassed here at school, on the street, out with my friends, and even in amusement parks and stuff, where it’s supposed to be kid-friendly.”

Watch the documentary:

But read this next comment made by one of the boys. He says: “If a girl’s wearing a crop top and short shorts, it looks like they wanna get catcalled. It looks like they want the attention. I’m pretty sure they don’t think they’re getting harassed. They’re just flattered.”

Is that so?

Whatever, it’s high time we girls stand up for ourselves and oppose this shameful social activity. Like this girl says: “Every time I get harassed, I speak up. Because if I don’t speak up for myself, who will?”

Do you want to share your street-harassment experience? Write to us in the comments below!

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