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Video Game Heroines Get A Makeover With Realistic Bodies

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  •  July 28, 2015

Who loves playing video games here? I am not really a fan but I know it has powerful characters that most of my friends in childhood fantasized.

Don’t get me wrong, but they might be musing over the huge muscles heroes and heroines would spot in the games. This article, however, is about the huge breasts. Add to it the malnourished body with tiny waist and huge curvy hips.

A child accepts what is fed to him/her during the early days of brain development. Those kinds of bodies become their definition of sexy and beautiful. But, an educational website, has taken the task in its hands to change the perception.

The website serves people struggling with eating disorders. In its latest campaign, has reimagined some of the female characters from our favorite video games. Using Photoshop skills, the team has changed their body type to make them look like average women. This is a great way to show the realistic bodies we see in our everyday life, rather than those skimpy ones that are practically impractical!

The website states, “Some gaming studios boast their hyper-realistic lighting techniques, touting natural cloud movements as the latest features of their games. And with that kind of attention to detail, it makes us wonder, why can’t they accurately portray the female body?”

A spokesperson for told The Huffington Post, “The scope of impact goes way beyond the people playing the games. Every doll-like character they design is harming cultural perception of the female body, and in turn the women they care about.”

That’s true. If your child is a video-game addict, ask him/her a random question on what kind of body does he/she prefer? Muscular in men and skinny in women will be the most common answers coming.

Here, check out the illustrations created by team Bulimia breaking the ideologies related to conventional beauty:55b23ee21500007600174278 55b23ee11500007600174277 55b23ee4120000580013b429 55b23ee71800003d00376cfc 55b23ee41800003d00376cfb 55b23ee31800003d00376cfa 55b23ee31200002c0013b428 55b23ee3150000ef00174279 55b23dc0120000580013b425

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