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Video: Do Mothers Lie to their kids? Lie Detector tests them!

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  •  May 13, 2015


Kids lie to parents..sometimes. They usually lie to hide their mischief. Apparently, parents do lie to their kids as well – and for the same reason. However, we will keep cool and tell that parent’s lie serves educational purpose only.

The video below, released by Distractify, puts parents to the test. Seven mothers are wired up to lie detectors while their kids get to ask a bunch of questions. Let’s just say that some of these questions are a bit uncomfortable.

“Two or three,” one of the moms answers when her daughter asks her how many times she had a one night stand. The lie detector reveals that this mom might not be telling the truth.

Doesn’t it make our Moms even more real and closer to us? We should let our parents be themselves, without sheer ideals for this role . Although, parents also should remember their glorious pasts,  and not to fall prey to moral policing.

Watch this wonderful video here:

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