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Video: Blogger Sarcastically & Funnily Promotes Breastfeeding In Public

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  •  July 21, 2015

Blogger Kristina Kuzmic, in her latest spoof video, tells people the ‘4 Reasons Women Should NEVER Breastfeed in Public’.

Using her excellent sarcasm, Kristina shows the lame allegations society puts on women who breastfeed kids in public.

She told Daily Mail, “I always found it hilarious that sometimes the people who gave me dirty looks for breastfeeding in public — with a cover, mind you! — were the same people who were dressed in a way that exposed more skin than I ever exposed.”

Kristina has some funny things to say in the video:

“If I’m breastfeeding in public and somebody walks by and they see me, I could offend them with my boobs.”

“It’s offensive and inappropriate. We don’t live in a society where it’s OK to just show part of your breast or cleavage in public.”

“There are plenty of places to hide while breastfeeding. I mean there is no common sense reason why we need to traumatize the public by breastfeeding in front of them.”

“We’re moms. We don’t need to go out in public. We gave up that right when we started popping out babies.”

“Women who breastfeed in public aren’t doing it because their babies are actually hungry. No. They’re just trying to seduce your husbands with their milk-filled, leaking, engorged breasts.”


Watch the whole video here:

See few comments of mommies on her FB post: “ Ever since this video I stopped trying to hide and feed or use a cover. I try to be discreet, but if my baby is hungry, he’s getting fed. Your humor gave me the confidence I needed. Thank you!!!”

“ It was a GREAT video. Made me laugh and feel confident about feeding my little one in public. no longer forcing a bottle on her that she doesn’t take anyways and only makes me waste. It was very influential.”

You have our complete support, Kristina. Breastfeeding in public is no shame. Period.

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