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VIDEO: 7 Ways How You Can Talk About Sex With Your Partner

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  •  June 5, 2015


Sex. Well.

Most of us aren’t really cool talking about sex. I insist if you are sexually active, you need to open your mouth and speak to your partner all about it. Why? Because it makes the relationship stronger and sex more fun!

We see men talking openly about sex, however, women don’t. I, for one, have no (married/unmarried) girlfriend who discusses about her sexual pleasures. Again, talking about a partner, women aren’t very comfortable.

So listen up, women!

Creating a communication space with your spouse where you both can talk about your preferences, pleasures and new sex-ideas is important. In case if you are SHY, this video is for you. Though the video is meant for men, but we can steal the ideas. Justin Dennis, in this video, breaks down the how and why of healthy communication about sex.

You are welcome.

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