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Victims Of Domestic Violence Speak Up About Their Abusive Relationships And Accept That #IAmNotOk

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  •  March 12, 2019

Domestic violence, an abhorrent crime that we know exists, but never has been accepted openly. Victims of domestic violence keep spiraling in their own doom, afraid of sharing their plight with others in fears of being judged. Breaking this wall of hesitation, people are sharing their stories, taking their first step towards healing by accepting that #IAmNotOk.

Thousands took to Twitter to share the trauma of being in abusive relationships, how they survived and are still living through the repercussions.

angela sheridan on Twitter

IAmNotOK it was years before I realised what my ex was doing was abuse, that was 18 years ago now, I’ve tried to write this tweet numerous times with my truth, but just can’t bring myself to say it out loud yet.


🌕작은 별 🌕Always be with You🌕 on Twitter

IAmNotOk because of the violent sexual based threats that have impacted me since I was 12 #IAmNotOk because of the way those boys touched my chest for too long and harassed me because I appear masculine, but couldnt hide my chest

Miss Waxman if you’re nasty on Twitter

IAmNotOK because I still have PTSD stress dreams about being abused and have despite years of therapy.

Janel on Twitter

Being emotionally abused completely changed my personality. I don’t really feel anything anymore and the sick thing is that I’m happy about it, because if I can’t feel, I can’t hurt. I used to be vibrant and tender and now I’m just cold. I didn’t choose this. #iamnotOK

Amanda Julina Gonzalez on Twitter

A lot of my art is focused around processing a relationship I still struggle to not hold myself accountable for. It took a year to write about it, three to become something I’m confronting as a filmmaker. It is exhausting. It is important to talk about. #IAmNotOk

Moon Creature on Twitter

IAmNotOk because due to the abuse I experienced as a child I ended up not understanding what healthy relationships were like and ended up being abused as an adult. I now have a slew of mental health issues that I have to cope with along with damage to my body.

Allegra on Twitter

8 years after leaving an abusive relationship, I still can’t date. I’m terrified that the insecurities that brought an abuser into my life will bring another. I don’t know when I’ll be able to trust someone enough to actually be in a relationship again. #IAmNotOK

🌸Ahshawlee🌸 on Twitter

He was supposed to protect me as a father. Instead he threatened to kill my family if I ever spoke up. I finally realized how many times he lied to me. He was always the weaker one. #IAmNotOk #ButIwillBe

Brittany on Twitter

IAmNotOK because I live with constant fear and anxiety that the cycle of abuse won’t stop with me, even though I work tirelessly & obsessively to make sure that it does. Even then, I fear my child will inherit some of my childhood trauma because it has so thoroughly shaped me.

Nefertari Burns on Twitter

iamnotOK Because My Mom Was On Drugs And As A Young Toddler & Child I Was Physically Abused By Her For Years And No One Even Cared, Not Even My School Took Notice- When She Should Of Been In Jail 😔. I Remember Getting Punched In The Jaw At 3 Years Old, Etc.

#EvanRachelWould on Twitter

IAmNotOk because I will never see justice. I didnt process and recover from my trauma in time and the SOL prevents me from reporting. So please dont keep telling me to go to the police or press charges. I cant. I can only try and make sure it doesnt happen to others.

Lily Bell on Twitter

My ex-husband abused me emotionally, financially, sexually & physically. When I fought back, he lit my house on fire & killed my dog. Then he cyberstalked me & committed witness intimidation. My family blamed & abandoned me. I have complex #PTSD & I struggle every day #IAmNotOk

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