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Vibrant Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 50s By Benu Bhatnagar

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  •  August 8, 2014


Most Indian women don’t consider updating their wardrobes when they’re in their 50s or 60s, After all, there are *other* important tasks to take care of.  

Age has nothing to do with one’s fashion statement, emphasizes Jaipur-based designer Benu Bhatnagar. We second her. She herself is never under any age-pressure when she dresses herself up for parties with friends, casual evenings or family day-outs. Her only mantra is to wear clothes she feels comfortable in.

As we grow old, we see our body’s shape changing where the waist, arms, thighs, and skin around the neck starts to hang.

Benu says, “It’s heartbreaking to see women in my age afraid of wearing clothes that are in fashion because they’ve always been told to ‘dress their age.’ I have got a few tricks that will help my fellow girlfriends carry their favorite trend gracefully.”

Try wearing clothes that are not body-hugging. Tight clothes make us appear bulkier than we actually are. 

Ditch the regular salwar-kameez and try the cool Palazzo pants. This season has them in many beautiful colors and prints. Moreover, they will not betray your Indian style.

pic-1Wearing short kameez will highlight your thighs which you might not prefer. Wear long kurtas, instead.

If you only prefer wearing sarees, don’t tie them below the navel. The stomach waist visibility is a strict no-no.

If your biceps have extra fat, try wearing 3/4th or full sleeved blouses. 


And, of course, you can count on the color black, my quickest rescue on days I’m not feeling ‘in-shape.’


If you absolutely crave for colors, buy the classic red, fuchsia, and orange. These colors have that brilliant ethnic vibes we Indians need. Don’t you stop wearing these bright hues thinking you are old. Okay?


Regarding prints, try not wearing busy or bold prints. Instead, go for subtle micro prints of all kinds! I suggest geometric, floral and block prints. If you want to create a bolder statement, wear an accessory in animal motifs.


Experiment with boat necks if you don’t want to wear deep necks, and open shoulder blouses/kameez for a rather sensual look. 

If you are on a heavier side, don’t layer your clothes. An already layered kameez worn with dupatta makes you look heavier. A similar thing happens when you wear a ruffled blouse. 

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