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Vibrant Beauty Tips by Vibrant Ladies Themselves

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  •  August 9, 2014

This is undoubtedly the most talked about topic among women – how to maintain the beautiful gorgeous looking skin even in your 50s & 60s. Luckily we knew some Jaipur women with excellent skin even at this age. What is their secret? Let’s know from them!

Babli Pardal’s Beauty Secret:


“I use homemade scrub by soaking chironjee and almonds in milk overnight. I also believe in the power of Papaya and apply it directly on my skin. Once in six months, I go for egg whites too by adding few drops of lemon. This has helped me keep the skin tight and maintain its elasticity. Also I swear by Oil of Olay.”

Madhu Neb’s Beauty Secret:


“My home skin treatments change with weather. In summers I use a pack made of neem, tulsi, pudina paste mixed with few drops of lemon. It is the best antibiotic treatment you can give your skin during the dry season. It also helps fight the skin allergies. During winter, I prefer applying tomato juice, carrot juice or orange juice. Honey is a must for my skin during cold weather. But, what works for me all throughout every season is my biggest secret. I use the face scrub made with aata chokar (wheat flour unrefined powder) mixed well with fresh cream, lemon juice, rose water and a pinch of turmeric. This paste helps remove all the dead skin and dirt very quickly.”

Jyoti Singh’s Beauty Secret:


“Since childhood I have applied mashed banana mixed with fresh cream on my skin. I keep it for about 20 minutes and then just wash it with lukewarm water. Also, once in a while amidst enjoying the fruits like watermelon and orange, it is good to apply their juice or paste on the skin for that instant glow. From market, I have just started using Fab India’s face packs of charcoal and sandalwood.”

Kavita Pardal’s Beauty Secret:


“I drink a LOT of water. 10-15 glasses each day is a must for me. Even during winters when you don’t feel thirsty, I mark my number of glasses. Apart from this, it is the nuts that I think play a very important role for skin nourishment. I take soaked almonds and walnuts soon after I get up in the morning. But to top all this, isn’t it the smile that makes us look the prettiest?”

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