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Very-very honest comic on motherhood

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  •  June 1, 2015


Illustrator and cartoonist Rebecca Roher’s latest work on a mother’s body is one interesting project. It talks about women’s bodies and reproductive health, particularly how the body changes during and after pregnancy.   

Rebecca  says – “I asked my pregnant friend questions the whole time about what her body was doing, what it felt like, what the books were telling her and how she related to their content.. I was struck by the toll the birth took on her and how little I knew about what the body does after giving birth.”o-MOM-BODY-900
This provoked Rebecca to make a comic about her friend’s experience with pregnancy and its effect on her body. The cartoon series is called “Mom Body”. She continues – “I was especially shocked by what happens after the birth — something I don’t think many people talk about — the mood changes and extreme amounts of breast milk. We don’t often think of the extreme changes women’s bodies go through every month to be able reproduce human beings, let alone what happens when they’re actually making a baby.”02 03 04 05 06

“….I think women should be downright worshipped for the hard work and transformation involved in creating new life.”


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