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Jaya Modi

Vastu Expert

Vastu Expert, Jaya Modi, Blends The Perfect Color Palette For A Happy Home

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  •  March 18, 2017


Festival of colors, Holi, might be over but the vibrancy and verve of colors in our life can still be felt.

Colors, the most joyous part of Holi, are also an inseparable part of our lives as they add zest & happiness to our daily lives.

Every object in the universe possesses some color. Each color has a specific wavelength, frequency, and temperature. Colors work on human psychic based on their individual frequency.

In today’s materialistic world, where life is plagued with stress & anxiety, everyone wants a happy space oozing with positive energy. Every home has its own energy, and when an individual starts living in that place, the energy begins to influence them in some way or the other.

Colors around us (in the form of wall colors, curtains, paintings) can have a deep impact on our moods: They can make us active or lethargic, happy or sad, non-productive. Each color creates an atmosphere that directly influences the mind of an individual. They reflect our state of mind and also act as powerful healing agents.

Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how colors behave and how they influence our mind. In fact, whether we believe it or not, most of the mood fluctuations that occur in a person are caused by the direct influence of colors present in their surroundings. Energies emanated through colors are such that they have the potential to make or mar a person’s life. A wrong color on the walls in a wrong direction can make your efforts go in vain. And, when each color is in its specified place & is not in conflict with others, it emanates positive energy which brings positive emotions in one’s life.

A color is the easiest way to use the 5 element principle to bring more harmony into your home. We categorize colors by their nature & the kind of energies they dispel.

RED:color vastu for homes

Red is the most vibrant of all colors. It is associated with fiery heat and warmth. It signifies purity, love, and beauty. Red is the color of blood which symbolizes life and vitality. It denotes passion, power, action, and confidence.

If used in the right zones, it ignites passion, brings in the right energy and enthusiasm in life, and gives us the required confidence to pursue our dreams. Though it is a stimulating and lively color, it can be perceived as demanding & aggressive (if used in excess or in a wrong direction). And so, the right proportion in the right zone is the key.

For instance: Shades of Red, when applied in North direction of Water element, can lead to blocked payments, while if applied in North East Vastu zone, they can lead to confusion and lack of clarity in mind, and in South West zone, they create problems in the marriage of children.

PINK (the lighter shade of Red):color vastu for homes

Pink is known as the most romantic color. When applied in small proportions in the North of the North West zone in the bedroom of a young couple, it ignites the desired spark in their relationship.


Green is the color of most of the plants, and it represents harmony. Shades of Green contain powerful energies of nature, growth, vitality, and the desire to expand & increase.

Balance and a sense of order are reflected through Green color. Change & Transformation is necessary for growth, and this ability to sustain change is a part of the color’s energy. It gives freedom to pursue new ideas.

A soothing green in the North of North East zone of Health & Immunity can facilitate better healing & when used in East of North East zone of Fun & Recreation, it helps in refreshing our mind & soul.

BLUE:color vastu for homes

Blue is the color of sky and water which is why it has a cool vibration that helps to open up the flow of communication. The vibration of blue can be used to open energy flow where it is blocked. It allows us to look beyond and increase our perspective outward. Strong blues stimulate clear thought & lighter, soft blues bring in Calmness & peace.

However, if Blue is present in South East (Fire Zone), it will weaken the fire element which can lead to accidents & cash crunch situations, tension, and ill reputeSimilarly, when placed in zones related with Earth element, it could lead to financial losses, relationship problems, problems in conceiving or childbirth, and thus, shake the basic stability of life.


Yellow is associated with the Sun, so like the energy of a bright sunny day, yellow brings clarity & awareness. It clears the mind and makes it active & alert. It also helps in sharp memory & better concentration. The right yellow will lift your spirits and also the self-esteem. Thus, a soothing yellow in the South West zone of Skill & Relationship brings in the required Stability in life and our relationships.

GREY and WHITE are considered as intellectual colors when applied in the West of South West zone of Education, they promote creativity & practice of knowledge.img_5

Appropriate use of colors in the right direction in compliance with the principle of 5 elements have a lasting positive impact on the lives of the inhabitants.

Life is vibrant, effervescent & euphoric. There happen somber moments and sluggish phases in life too. Holi gives a message that one should face all the colors of life with equipoise and equanimity,

P.S. If you want to consult Jaya Modi, you can connect her on +91-9828222200 or mail her at

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