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US Scientist’s Tweet Praising The All-Women Crew Of An Air India Flight Goes Viral

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  •  September 13, 2018

As per the data from the International Society of Women Airline Pilots, of the world’s commercial airline pilots, only 5% are women. Amidst all the countries, India has the largest number of women pilots – 12% of the total number, a positive factor that was recently brought up again when Dr. Cristine Legare took to Twitter to talk about her recent flight to New Delhi.

A senior researcher and Cognitive scientist associated with the University of Texas in Austen, Legare, she was impressed by a female pilot and an all-women crew when she took an Air India flight to New Delhi.

Cristine Legare on Twitter

Flew from NY to Delhi today on Air India with a female pilot and an all female flight crew. Turns out that India has the largest number of female pilots in the world. And yes, we arrived at our destination early after a smooth flight and perfect landing. Jai Hind!

Though the picture wasn’t from an actual flight and was taken from the archives, which she later clarified, her post went viral, garnering more than 28k likes and loads of positive comments praising this example of ditching gender stereotypes.

Syed on Twitter

@CristineLegare More power to you..This motivates me further to let my little daughter peruse whatever she wants to do in life .Will certainly show this tweet of you to her

Dhananjay Singh on Twitter

@CristineLegare Flied thrice in last 7 days…twice it was female Captain …women are taking this job like a piece of cake….or chocolate..Kudos to airline company for being equal opportunity provider employer in truer sense.

Dipalay Dey on Twitter

@PaiHitesh @CristineLegare @NamkeenLaddoo @shanpati Our girls are making us proud day by day.

IPS on Twitter

@CristineLegare @ManjitGill Salute to #women power!

Miriam Sneha on Twitter

Wow! Feels so good to read this. More power to every girl out there! #girlpower https://t.co/nAJn3poq8b


Juliet ‘Kego on Twitter

CelebratingWomenWhoDARE👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌👌👌🤗🤗🤗😘😘#WeMarchOn Remember when they said women didn’t have the capacity to be doctors or pilots or engineers..? #Feminism101 EQUALITY/EQUITY in BEING-ness; in access to opportunities and possibilities, no barriers based on gender https://t.co/ntrwpegGQz

amit sharma on Twitter

Not only does India have the largest number and percentage of female pilots, there is no pay disparity in the profession as well… https://t.co/ycnzGpNoBq


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