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US ex-President Jimmy Carter: ‘Why I believe mistreatment of women is no. 1 human rights abuse’

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  •  August 7, 2015

The former US President Jimmy Carter talks about 3 unexpected reasons why the mistreatment of women continues to happen in the world during his latest TED Talks.

He says, “In general, men don’t give a damn.” Well.

He addresses the issue openly:

“I can tell you without any equivocation that the number one abuse of human rights on Earth is, strangely, not addressed quite often, is the abuse of women and girls.”

He shuts our religious theories down:

“…if an abusive husband or an employer, for instance, wants to cheat women, they can say that if women are not equal in the eyes of God, why should I treat them as equals myself? Why should I pay them equal pay for doing the same kind of work?”

He clearly mentions 3 worst women mistreatments:

  1. One is genital mutilation.Genital mutilation is horrible and not known by American women, but in some countries, many countries, when a child is born that’s a girl, very soon in her life, her genitals are completely cut away by a so-called cutter who has a razor blade and, in a non-sterilized way, they remove the exterior parts of a woman’s genitalia. 
  2. Another very serious thing is honor killings. The family will execute a girl in their familyif she is raped or if she marries a man that her father does not approve, or sometimes even if she wears inappropriate clothing.
  3. Another problem that we have in the worldthat relates to women particularly is slavery, or human trafficking it’s called nowadays. The State Department reports that 800,000 people are sold across international borders every year into slavery, and that 80 percent of those sold are women, into sexual slavery. 

In the end, he gives the solution:

“The average man might say, ‘I’m against the abuse of women and girls,’ but quietly accepts the privileged position that they occupy.’ So, what can be done? Speak up. The best thing that we can do today is for women in powerful nations, like this one, who have influence and freedom of speech to take the responsibility to be more forceful and demanding.”

Watch his full speech here:

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