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Urvashi Warman: I am blessed to have it all

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  •  January 19, 2015


Urvashi Warman has some golden words to share with you. As the Principal of the Palace School, Jaipur, in this chat she tells us what one needs to learn in order to become a quality educator.

The beginning.

I started as a pre-primary teacher in a Jaipur school. Staying among the little ones was fortunate for me as I learned to be more patient and happy. Their smiling and cute faces would help me move over my own unhappiness. It’s been more than 2 decades now, that’s how I began and have reached the position of a Principal. All these years have polished me as an educator that has even helped me lead a quality personal life. It would be wrong to say that every job takes something from you, mine has contributed in my life.DSC_0188

The journey.

It wasn’t tough at all because teaching has been my passion since the age of 5! I remember how I used to enact like a teacher while my friends would be my students. I used to always nourish this one dream.  The teaching field is not demanding, but rewarding since you get to nurture the future.DSC_0203


A lot of them. There is this sudden flux in the society and teaching patterns have to alter in accord with these new trends. For example – the introduction of sex education and feminism. An educationist must be alert to catch the alterations and quick enough to adapt them.DSC_0216

Importance of women in teaching field.

Having worked with so many women educators all these years, I have noticed one beautiful thing about them. In spite of what is going in their personal life – be it home, relationships, etc; they enter the school with smiles regardless of hardships. Women are natural mothers, and they use this in-built quality for fostering kids.

But then, here is a loophole. Nowadays, we see so many women entering teaching field just for their own comfort. When a woman comes to join the school, my first question to her is ‘Why do you want this job’. If there is no passion, you cannot foster a child. As a Director, to maintain quality of my school is in my hands.DSC_0228

Is she a Principal at home too!     

Kind of! (laughs)DSC_0219

One dream.

There is this continuous dream – of seeing my students happy. Happy from within. It doesn’t matter what they do, but staying happy is the real purpose.DSC_0198

Women can have it all.

Why not? It is very important to have it all, provided you know how to have it all. No matter what position you have achieved in your career; if you cannot bind your home, the disturbance can pull you back. The success at home will lead to the success in career, mark my words.

I am blessed to have it all.DSC_0199


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