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Union Minister Mahesh Sharma Doesn’t Support Night Out By Girls. Your Take?

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  •  September 14, 2015


India Union Minister of Culture Mahesh Sharma has joined the list of ministers who think it is a woman’s dress sense that provokes rapists and eve-teasers.

Mr. Mahesh very ‘thoughtfully’ said, “Western culture is not bad but it may not be good for us. Here, 15-year-old children don’t leave their parents. A 14-year-old girl wanting a night out maybe all right elsewhere but not in India.”

Do you agree with him? Before you nod your head, read the possible irony hidden in his statement which was explained by someone on the internet:

When you say ’14’ year old girl, I agree that she may not have matured enough to stay the whole night outside. But here are 2 flaws in the argument.
1. The tone clearly indicates that its not about the age but the fact that ‘our culture’ does not support women out during night. This is something which again falls back in the same loop of arguments whose outcry is being echoed for several years now. 
2. But if it is only about the tender age, should we assume that a 14 year boy would be safe enough to be out all night ? He could have clearly mentioned a 14 year old child and it would have been much easier to grasp.

What’s your take now? Tell us in the comments below.

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