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UN Report: More Girls Die In India Before The Age Of 5 Than Boys

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  •  October 24, 2015


India is a country with the largest surplus of men and a worrying under-five sex ratio with more girls dying before the age of five than boys, according to a UN report. 

“The World’s Women 2015” report tells how men are outnumbering women in eastern Asia, southern Asia, Oceania, and western Asia. India, in particular, has very high ratio of girl mortality.

The report said, “This is also the only country with an under-5 mortality sex ratio under 100 (more girls die than boys). Higher mortality among girls can be closely related to a general preference for sons in India, which is expressed in special treatment for boys in terms of parental investment in nutrition, vaccinations, access to health treatment and parental care in general.”

Sad, isn’t it?

Wish everyone could take ‘Beti Bachao Andolan‘ seriously.

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