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UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, Dia Mirza, Urges People To Say No To Plastic in 2018

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  •  January 2, 2018

Dia Mirza and her love for mother nature is not hidden from the world, and it is so inspiring. She continuously works towards saving the environment and for the same reason, the actor was appointed as UN Environment’s Goodwill Ambassador for India in December 2016.

On her appointment, she joyfully tweeted, “I am deeply humbled and motivated to serve nature in my new role as UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador for India. Committed to protect, secure and strengthen the rich treasures that nature provides us all!” She soon received congratulatory messages from her fraternity and everybody agreed that there could have been nobody better than her to be appointed from India.

Dia Mirza on Twitter

I am deeply humbled and motivated to serve nature in my new role as UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador for India. Committed to protect, secure and strengthen the rich treasures that nature provides us all! @UNEP @UNinIndia @ErikSolheim

She is also the ambassador of the Wildlife Trust of India, Swachh Saathi (a part of Swachh Bharat Mission’s youth-based programme), and a member of the Sanctuary Nature Foundation.

Love and care for the environment is something Mirza grew up with. Growing up with a Bengali mother and a German father, she credits her parents, especially her father, for instilling compassion for nature in her. Recalling her early days when her father turned down a lucrative job offer from an industry that was spewing effluents into water bodies even when the family was in need for money, she told The Hindu, “We argued with him, but he stood firm. That is what I have learnt from him, that it is all about making choices, and standing by what you believe in, for a better life. I have grown up on a diet of sunrise picnics, learning the names of butterflies, planting trees.”

She says that working towards saving our environment should be a daily habit. Mirza stops herself from buying unnecessarily and that is one of her daily steps towards conserving nature. She says, “The concept of need versus greed was ingrained in us. I am used to questioning myself each time I make a purchase. Do I really need what I am buying?”

The actor is totally against the use of plastics and urges everyone to give up on the ugly habit of using it. She states, “I have never stored water in plastic bottles, always in glass, steel or copper bottles and containers. I even carry my own water to work, and refill bottles for drinking. I believe strongly in the conservation of water.”

She says that it takes patience and effort to build the discipline and that she’ll always invest in it. She carries her own cloth bags while shopping, refuses straws at restaurants, and even have a separate box for e-waste. It’s the little things, she believes, that make a big difference. She says, “I calculated that if I live upto the age of 80, then I end up using 450 toothbrushes in my life. All that plastic! So I switched to bamboo toothbrushes years ago.” Time for you to make a switch, too!

Mirza suggests everybody to go back to basics. She says, “I believe convenience is a lie. We need to go back to basics, to trim the health hazards that we have created for ourselves and our future generations. Environmental degradation and climate change are impacting millions across the globe, now more than ever before. It is critical for us to cultivate consciousness and compassion towards our environment, create awareness, galvanise people, and build sustainable innovations for sustainable development.”

Dia Mirza on Twitter

In 2018, I’m #HopefulFor a world that celebrates love everyday… love for one another, love for nature, love for skill, love for peace, love for empowering growth, love of equality…

H/T: The Hindu

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