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Uh ho! Is This D&G Ad Showing Gang Rape?

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  •  March 19, 2015


If calling IVF children ‘synthetic’ wasn’t enough, this new controversy has now banged the reputation of brand Dolce & Gabbana.Their advert from 2007 (imagine!) has gained popularity on social media after publicist Kelly Cutrone posted it on her Twitter account on Sunday. She wrote: 

The time ain’t really good for D&G, right? This ad, as many are predicting, features gang-rape. The image was reportedly banned from Italian publications eight years ago.

Feminist writer Louise Pennington said:

Women are represented as objects – increasingly we’re seeing campaigns which depict women as victims of violence and murder. This particular image is representative of an increasingly misogynistic construction of women in the fashion industry demonstrating very clear links between the fashion-beauty industry and the mainstreaming of pornography.”

What do you see in this photo?

We definitely see a wrong message!

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