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Uber’s Only Female Driver In Kolkata, 28 Y.O. Sushma Midde Has Completed Over 500 Trips

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  •  August 10, 2019

“A woman’s job is restricted to the kitchen, she can’t handle bahar ka kaam”- this patriarchial, discriminatory, and no doubt outdated mentality has been restricting women since ages from realising their true potential. But it’s been unable to curb the determination of 28-year-old Sushma Midde, living in Kolkata, who is Uber’s only female driver partner in the city. She has completed over 500 trips till date!  

“I was doing a bunch of odd jobs, but couldn’t put my mind to it. One day, I was just generally chatting with an Uncle and he got exasperated and said, “Go! Be a taxi driver!”. He meant it as a joke, but the idea stuck to my head, and I was thought, “ I have to be a driver now!” said Sushma.

Fueled by the idea, Sushma admitted her 13-year-old son in a hostel and engrossed herself to prepare for herself to enter a male-dominated profession.  

“I didn’t tell my parents that I was choosing this life, but my husband was completely supportive. Now, of course, my parents are very proud of me. This car is my life. If it gets a scratch, it’s like my soul hurts,” she said.

Her customers, not used to the idea of a female driver are often left confused and surprised at the sight of a woman driving a cab.

“There was a customer who was giving me directions and finally got frustrated and said, ‘Stop wasting my time and pass the phone on to the driver’. I couldn’t stop laughing! Who did he think I was all this while?” she said.

“There was this one time when a man told me that women only look good in the kitchen. This was while I was trying to reverse my car. I reversed all the way to where he was standing and gave him a piece of mind,” she added.

All Sushma wants is to have a roof over her head that she has earned herself and to be able to provide a good life to her son, so that he grows up to be a better individual. “That’s it. I have no big dreams,” she said.

H/T: The Quint 

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