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Uber, A Boon For Women In Saudi Arabia

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  •  August 13, 2015


In a country where it is illegal for women to drive, conveyance services become nothing short of a blessing in disguise. Take the example of Saudi Arabia; a country where women heavily rely on their male relatives or paid services for day-to-day mobility. Can you imagine what a conveyance service provider company like Uber must be for women in this country?

“A lot of them, I would say, are young women. We have some data to show that these women are starting to rely on Uber a lot more for their daily commutes to work, or to school, or to university; the proportion of trips that we see in Saudi during the weekday is actually very high relative to other locations. “ said Majed Abukhater, Saudi Arabia General Manager, Uber.

Owing to regulatory reasons in Saudi Arabia, Uber works through existing companies instead of the usual contracted drivers who use their own cars.

Abukhater continued, “Sometimes these transport companies would be totally booked. The women would be literally, in some situations, unable to move around the city. Now that we’ve added this technology layer into the existing transport infrastructure, women don’t have to call 10, 20 companies to try to find a driver. They can literally just open up the app. That’s why we’ve seen the growth that we’ve seen.”

Uber now focuses on expanding its operations in this country by increasing the number of drivers which will consequently bring down waiting time. And from where we see it, this will increase the comfort and mobility for women in Saudi Arabia.

Not only this, Uber has also joined hands with Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, entrepreneur and health advocate, for a major upcoming breast cancer awareness and education event which aims at bringing together 10,000 Saudi women. How cool is that!

Women not having to ceaselessly rely on others for commuting from one place to other… Isn’t this also one of the facets of empowerment?

We believe it is. Tell us what do you think!

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