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Two Teenage Sisters In Dubai Are Proving To Be A Blessing To Children Suffering From Cancer In Mumbai

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  •  July 26, 2018

Cancer is a disease that not only affects the patient but also breaks their near and dear ones. In such cases, the smallest of help feels like the boon of God to them, and two teenage sisters, Mehr and Shenaya Bhatia, based in Dubai, are proving to be that blessing in the life of young cancer patients in Mumbai.

Associated with the Helping Hands Foundation, an NGO based in Mumbai that works with cancer patients, they are working on their project ‘Accommodation Project’. In this, the sisters take part in local exhibitions and other events where they sell organic nuts for 40 dirhams per packet i.e., Rs 750. For each packet that is sold one child gets a night’s stay at the Tata Memorial Hospital.

They recently visited Mumbai and got a chance to speak with these children and their parents.

“Communicating with the children in the hospital wasn’t very successful as they were quite young and shy to speak to visitors. Later, we visited a dharamshala where the kids and their families were staying during treatment, we spoke to a 17-year-old girl who told us about how she was treated in the Tata Memorial Hospital but her leukemia then relapsed, and her whole family had to return to Mumbai from her village for the treatment. She has spent seven years of her life in and out of hospitals,” Mehr said.

“We also had the chance to speak to some of the parents who told us about the struggles they go through and how their entire family is affected throughout the period of treatment. Both parents are required for the duration of the child’s stay in the hospital as usually the mother stays with the child and provides emotional support whereas the father then goes out to collect funds to support the rest of his family,” she added.

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