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Twitter Wars Strike Again! This time it is #MasculinitySoFragile

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  •  September 25, 2015

So there’s been a new war on Twitter. Did you know? Well, it is one of the most frequently discussed topics: gender bias… but this time it’s masculinity that is considered to be at “stake”! And this time it comes with a “hashtag”.

Yessir, it’s that serious. “MasculinitySoFragile” is trending on Twitter where users from around the world have been carrying forward a debate on the definition of masculinity. So really, what is the definition of masculinity? He man? Superman? Or Spiderman? Is that the perfect image of men? Well that’s what the battle is all about!

  There are certain expectations that all men have to live up to, in order to be “real men”. Well, we all know those stereotypes, don’t we? From pink not being a masculine colour, to friendly affection between two men being “gay”, it must tire men to live by the societal norms!

Poor men! Having to prove their masculinity with labels must be a stressful task.

While some people felt the hashtag to be demeaning towards men, they used hashtags like #FeminitySoFragile to create a stir. Sadly, the campaign barely had any strength. Some even claimed that it was a feminist “move” to humiliate men.

Really, guys?

Then some Tweets explained what they thought #MasculinitySoFragile was all about.

The war is of course being won by those who believed that men shouldn’t have to live by those norms.

What’s your opinion and which team do you support? Drop your comments below!

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