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Twitter Users Share Their Experiences In Dealing With Mental Health Issues

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  •  April 8, 2019

Mental Health isn’t prioritized in our society at all, even today when the people are comparatively better informed about this issue and conversations on this matter are gaining momentum. Our mental health issues are dismissed as being a ‘bad mood’ and mental illnesses aren’t even considered as real illness by a fair chunk of the population.

This careless attitude towards issues concerning the most important organ of our body has such a detrimental effect on an individual’s physical and emotional health. The ill effects weigh down the individual and stop them from leading a fulfilling and conventionally ‘normal’ life.  As Drishti Gupta, co-developer of mental health website Now&Me, said in an interview with IWB, “sometimes the weight that you’ve got to lose is not on the body.”

And one of the most important ways to deal with that is to seek help, be it by consulting a professional or even just confiding in someone close. The hashtag #MyMentalHealthIs is trending on twitter and this is what some of the users have to say:

Ms. Dreamer🔮 on Twitter

MyMentalHealthIs better when I can talk about things.

Dr. Doom, prepare for the boom! BAM! on Twitter

MyMentalHealthIs sometimes difficult to assess because it’s not always clear where physical problems end and mental ones begin, and vice versa. It’s frustrating how much they can work together to make me miserable.

🌹Muna🥀 on Twitter

MyMentalHealthIs improving every single day because I was brave enough to ask for help. Asking for help takes courage and strength. You don’t have to go through it alone

Carrie on Twitter

MyMentalHealthIs *Not up for debate *Not trendy *Not taken care of with bath bombs and face masks *Not an excuse *Just as important as my physical health

My Mental Heath Is on Twitter

mymentalhealthis feeling like I can do anything & agreeing to everything, then feeling the complete opposite within hours.

Vejah-🦌- Night Elf Druid on Twitter

MyMentalHealthIs Stopping me from enjoying daily life, meeting a lot of awesome people, keeping me indoors most of the time, causing harm to myself in a lot of ways, physically and emotionally exhausting, making my life really fucking difficult. But I keep trying. 🖤

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