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Twitter Celebrates Indra Nooyi’s 12-Year-Long Journey As PepsiCo’s CEO

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  •  August 7, 2018

The Indian-American businesswoman, who broke glass ceiling and paved a new pathway for women in the business world, Indra Nooyi has taken a big step that has been marked as an end of an era. Nooyi has stepped down as the chief executive officer (CEO) of PepsiCo Inc.

The announcement was made by the food and beverage company stating that “Laguarta will take over from Nooyi on October 3 and will also join the board.” The sixty-two-year-old, who has been a part of the company for 24 years, will continue as the chairman of the board till early next year.

When Nooyi took over the position as CEO of the company in the year 2006, she became the first female CEO of the brand, and Nooyi’s 12-year-long journey has been an inspiration to many, especially women.

The announcement of her exit from the position made many emotional as they shared their feelings on Twitter.

Chitra Narayanan on Twitter

Performance with Purpose. To manage to put PepsiCo – a cola company- in the list of the world’s most ethical companies consistently year after year is to my mind one of Indra Nooyi”s greatest achievements . #indranooyi

Anita Bhogle on Twitter

Take a bow, #IndraNooyi. You have been an inspiration to many!

M on Twitter

What an extraordinarily glorious innings as PepsiCo CEO..You are a role model and a great inspiration to men n women in leadership positions..🙏🙏#IndraNooyi

Nivedita Rangarajan on Twitter

I was just a kid in middle school when my dad told me that an Indian woman had become the CEO(!) of PepsiCo, and I remember feeling so damn proud. And now, #IndraNooyi steps down after 12 long years☹️. Thanks for being such an inspiration to little Indian girls everywhere!

Takshila Bhadana on Twitter

She will continue to be an inspiration for millions of women all over the world. #IndraNooyi

Tino on Twitter

The Great Indra Nooyi – Pepsi CEO for the last 12 years steps down on October 3rd. During her tenure, she increased revenue by 81% leading to $63.5 billion in revenue last year. The stock is up and under her, the portfolio has diversified. #Inspired

Shelly Walia on Twitter

Just in: Indra Nooyi steps down as PepsiCo CEO. (That’s one less woman CEO in the world.)

Bill George on Twitter

As she steps down at PepsiCo’s helm, Indra Nooyi completes an exceptional 12 years as CEO. Her vision of changing consumer preferences back in 2006 transformed PepsiCo to lead market changes while achieving outstanding financial performance.

Pranav Nalavade on Twitter

Take a bow @IndraNooyi The most celebrated female CEO.. you weren’t just the CEO.. you were the face of @PepsiCo You make us Indians proud. #respect #IndraNooyi #business #legends #inspiration #pepsico #ceo #FMCG #brand

Jude Ekwedike on Twitter

@IndraNooyi @PepsiCo So proud of you. You are a role model for my daughters. I have four girls, and for sure, they’ll look up to you as they grow up. I tear up sometimes thinking about you and what can be possible in life….


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