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Twinkle Khanna & Akshay Kumar’s Relationship Is THE New Relationship Goal!

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  •  September 15, 2015


I have a new reason to love Twinkle Khanna. Or wait, maybe I am just over-reacting. Who doesn’t know about her crisp wit (it’s even crisper than nachos), and her never-missing-the-mark humor?

Anyway, the fact doesn’t stop me from adoring her all over again for the feminist remark that she made in a recent interview when someone addressed her as ‘star-wife’:

Does an entity like star-wife really exist? I don’t see how being married to someone would change the person you are. And this tag is also slightly misogynistic because it states that a woman’s identity is based on not just her husband, but his job too. 

Oooh! Was that a brusque blow to the male-chauvinistic ego(s)?

It wasn’t to her dear male counterpart, at least! Because our dear ‘star’ Akshay Kumar is just as good a husband as he is an actor. What makes me say so is the interesting incident that happened with Mr. Akshay Kumar and the way he responded to it.

I’ll let his social trumpet do the talking…

The way the proud husband is looking at his wife makes me want to go awwww!

But that’s not just it. There’s also mrsfunnybones’ quirky reply, and as ever, it is amusing!

Twinkle twinkle little star, I love Akshay Kumar!

PS: I love his wife more!

PPS: No pun intended.


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