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True and False about Goddess Laxmi

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  •  October 22, 2014


Diwali is about worshiping Goddess Lakshmi – goddess of wealth. From Hindus to Jains and Buddhists, everyone worship this goddess with utmost respect. She is among the most renowned goddesses in India including Parvati and Saraswati. When a girl child is born in India, people say ‘Lakshmi has been born’. So why Lakshmi?

Probably because she seems to be an all-rounder. She depicts fortune, love, beauty, affluence, ruling power, good health & joyful family life. In short, every Indian heart feels blissful after having a baby girl born into their homes. Down the line, the labeling of Lakshmi name becomes a pressure of actually living like one. The girl, as she hits her puberty, is supposed to actualize the qualities of Goddess Lakshmi. The name ‘Lakshmi’ which is derived from Sanskrit work ‘laksya’ meaning aim, goal or objective. Therefore, adding to the above mentioned list, she is also the goddess who is regarded as the means to achieving several goals.

Let us dig a little into the mythology to find out other names of Lakshmi & rethink how falsely we have been perceiving them in our daughters:

  • Sridevi: Goddess of wealth

We justify this by sending hefty dowry along with her when she gets married.

  • Chanchala: One who is fickle and does not stay at one place.

But we ask her to stay at home most of the time. What if somebody takes her advantage?

  • Indira: Beautiful goddess

Where we define her beauty only by fair complexion and perfect figure.

  • Vaishnavi: Wife of Vishnu

We teach our daughters to always accompany her husband, no matter what. Also, she will be known by her husband’s name to the world.

  • Jalaja: Born from sea.

This validates the sweat she breaks while handling home, and tears she sheds for not getting gratitude in return.

  • Aiswarya: Wealthy.

At that, we are good at snatching whatever she earns and making her financially dependent.

We should rethink if we are really considering our daughters as Goddess Lakshmi. A ‘No’ in the answer followed by some realization can help cure many women-related loopholes in our society. Let us make this Diwali a happy and prosperous beginning for the daughters.

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