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  •  February 20, 2014


I recently visited Bali and Singapore with my family to celebrate my parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary. In this article, allow me to be your guide! I will try my best to brief you about the trip, places to visit, must-do adventurous activities and also about the necessary conveyance details.

We started with Singapore. The moment we landed at city’s airport, we went awestruck. The airport is one of the world’s best maintained and beautiful ports. Take out few minutes and explore it.

Talking about the city, it has quite an active Cab-service. It’s good to travel by cabs, though they allow only 4 persons per cab or adds one more who can sit next to the chauffeur. Also, check out the Hop-on-Hop-off Buses for which you can buy a ticket in the morning that is valid for the whole day and will allow you to travel through the entire city. Same with Metros where they have computer machines installed that suggest you what ticket you need to buy depending upon you route. Also, they will guide you the path of your destination, in case you are confused! Easy & fun!

IN SINGAPORE: Requires 3 days. Below are the places you must visit. I repeat, must. Every place has its own entry charges.

Day 1 –
Sentosa Island: Keep 1 day for this place. Enjoy rides, Butterfly Park, Dolphin show, animal shows, Tiger sky tower and Meza Zip Adventure Park. And after all the adventures in the afternoon, spend the evening peacefully at the Musical night show.



Day 2 –
Orchard Road: This Street has all the International brands. Take a walk and lighten your pockets! 😉
Mustufa Market: The biggest market that is open 365 days & 24 hours. Gosh, we couldn’t cover it fully but if you are high on energy, all the best!
Singapore Flyer: Go to the flyer at night, city is at its best this time to capture the whole view. Geographically speaking, you will be surprised.

tn_singapore flyer_

Day 3 –
Night Safari, Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park: Scared of roars? Not anymore. After the Safari and Zoo trips you will be amazed to see so many species of wild. The Bird Park will introduce you to the sonorous singing of birds. Quite unique, ah.

tn_bird park

tn_night safari

Universal Studios: It has a movie theme park with crazy rides. As soon as we got there we went on a tour and a few of our bravest even jumped on the rides! These berserk moments will turn every elder into a screaming kid.

Marina Bay Sands: This Casino has 3 whooping 57 floors with 3 towers in the shape of a ship whose 1/4th part is just hanging in the air without any support! Stand there and get an iconic 360 degrees view of Singapore. Of course going into the casino can cost one his life, but visit to its top has separate affordable charges. Plus, it has a Pool made on it. Ting!

tn_marina bay

Merlion Park: Land mark of Singapore & most popular tourist spot. Standing tall to a height of 8.6 metres, this mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish is one of its kinds in the whole world.



IN BALI: Oh the beaches. I can still feel the sand between my toes. This beautiful island is super-super affordable & needs 3 day to visit all destinations.

The Water Sports: jet Ski, para-sailing, Banana Boat, and so much more. I literally went crazy (you can see in pictures)

tn_water sports 1tn_water sports 2tn_water sports 3

Turtle Island: Enjoy sighting turtles, snakes, pythons, eagles, etc. And you can get pictures clicked with most of them (well depending on your fears).

tn_turtle island 1tn_turtle island 2tn_turtle island 3

Coral Island: Go for diving and see corals in all sizes and colours. Like this giant glass ceiling so you can wander beneath the fish!


Tanah Lot: For me, it was the place where sky, water and land met one another. It has one of the seven sea temples present on Balinese coast.

tn_tanah lot 1tn_tanah lot 2

Other Activities:

  1. Balinese Massage Spa Treat: Take some time off for this traditional massage. It is your sure-shot stress and pain buster. A little of acupuncture, skin kneading and rolling, gentle strokes using aromatic essential oils….trust me, it is just what you need on the last day.
  2. Bali Nightlife: I went for a long walk late at night with my sister and it was quite safe. People (of all ages) were dancing by road side with loud music playing around and drums banging in rhythm. Go for some jig.
  3. Most of the Indians do this even when they travel other country states – getting their pictures clicked in regional costumes! Lol. Yes, get it done, if this is your only trip to Bali.


I suggest that you plan your own adventure double quick to these places and then tell me all about it! Oh and yes, don’t forget to review my photos xoxo

By: Paridhi Jain

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