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Transformational Nutritionist Medha Nagpal Tells What A Healthy Diet Is

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  •  May 8, 2015


Mansi Club, Jaipur, is a women’s organization where valuable events and activities towards empowerment and betterment of woman’s life are conducted. Recently, the club invited Gurgaon based Transformational Nutritionist – Medha Nagpal to conduct a session on the right diet and keeping fit.


Board members of Mansi Club: Usha Kainya and Sneha Dhurka greet the audience (from left to right)

Medha is a Wellness Consultant and a Reebok fitness Trainer by profession. She deals with issues like metabolic problems, weight loss, post-delivery weight loss, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, geriatric nutrition and childhood obesity.  She is also working with the Gurgaon police as their Health Consultant, and has recently been hired by the Rastrapati Bhavan to take care of the diet of their officials.


Below are the excerpts from the session:

Medha started with telling about the health issues that occur due to obesity. This includes cancer, disturbed menstrual cycle, fertility issues, osteoporosis, etc. To keep fit, she gives few easy tips.



Right Diet


  1. Eating healthy must be accompanied by Eating at Right Time. This makes sure the eaten food gets enough time to get digested.
  2. Don’t follow any random diet that your friend is trying or something that Google has suggested you. Everyone’s body is different and needs a different kind of eating plan.
  3. Don’t skip the breakfast. This makes you eat more during lunch/dinner.
  4. Eat whatever you love but in limit. Fix 3 days in a month when you can eat your favorite dish or dessert.
  5. If you have taken a heavy lunch at a party, make sure the dinner is very light. Balance the intake.
  6. _MG_9243aAt that, you know you have to stay away from junk food. If you or your kid is too fond of burgers and pizzas, make them at home. In this way you will end up eating less oily and fried food.
  7. Stop binging every now and then. If you’re hungry between two meals, eat nuts and fruits and drink water to subside hunger. Don’t opt for namkeens, aaloo patties, biscuits, etc.
  8. Eat smaller and frequent meals. Example – eat 3 chapattis in a gap of 1 hour each.
  9. Eat variety of fruits. Try 3 different fruits in a day.
  10. Cut down sugary drinks like aerated drinks, rather drink lots of water.
  11. Drink atleast 3 liters of water every day unless you’re a kidney patient. You can even have natural juices like coconut water, lemon juice, etc. But make sure they have minimum amount of sugar and salt.

A moment of interaction

12. Don’t drink water during and immediately after the meal. Wait till 20 mints or so and then drink small sips. Remember, our stomach is just of 2 liters and if we drink water soon after food or eat extra, it will increase the size of stomach bag which is not good.

13. Make sure to include protein diet in every meal. This may include – 1 bowl of curd, 1 bowl of daal (pulses). In breakfast you can have milk, sprouts, eggs, etc to have enough protein intakes. But make sure not to take 2 proteins together.

14. Carbs are essential elements too. Chapatti, cornflakes, etc have enough carbs to strengthen us.


Alka Batra, Chairperson Ficci Flo Jaipur, attended the event.


  1. Seasonal fruits.
  2. Bowl of salads. Use mustard or home-made green chutney for healthy dressing.
  3. Sprout salad – include dal, fruits, rajma beans, chana.
  4. Seeds/Nuts – flax seeds, almond, raisins, pumpkin seeds, etc.
  5. Popcorn.
  6. Peanut butter with apple or pear.
  7. Upma, oats maggi, mathri and poha.
  8. Murmura chaat with boiled vegetables.
  9. Sauté vegetables – mushrooms, beans, green peas, broccoli, capsicum, etc.

Exercise Everyday

  1. When you eat, you accumulate fats inside your body. To burn the bad fat, moving your body a little more is essential.
  2. Begin with a 20-30 mints walk atleast thrice a week. Gradually take it to 5 and then 7 days.
  3. Drink coffee/tea atleast 1 hour before the exercise.
  4. You can take your breakfast soon after you come back from the walk.
  5. If you want to lose weight, go for morning walks. If you want to maintain weight, go for evening walks.
  6. Mix pranayam yoga with the walks. It will be the best combination for fit body and fit mind.

Medha interacts with Board Members

Break Your Myths

  1. Don’t skip meals. There is no shortcut in loosing extra weight.
  2. Not eating salt, skipping meals, etc can never contribute to losing weight. The initial weight loss (3-4 kgs) that you experience with such rituals is just the water loss from your body.
  3. Supplements can be dangerous. People who take excess of protein shake must know that it dries up the lever which is not good for your metabolism.
  4. Going fat-free is also not a good idea. You can always reduce the intake of fat items but don’t go against your old trusted ghee and sarso ka tel (mustard oil).
  5. Sugar-free is only good for diabetics and not for everyone. Stop switching from sugar to sugar-free; it increases the chance of urine infection. The best what you can do is to limit your intake of sugar in milk and tea.
  6. Drinking lukewarm water won’t help lose weight; it might help to improve digestion and hence, metabolism. You are not an oiled utensil whose grease you want to clean with hot water!


Wow, this is quite a lot of information to stay in shape and get rid of extra weight. We are going to follow her, and you?

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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