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Trans Woman Sukanyeah Krishna Gets Candid, Shares Details Of Her Fairy Tale Marriage

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  •  September 13, 2017


I actually love hearing stories of how people met, even though on the outside my face reads – “Urgh, cheesy.” I happened to read the story of Aarav Appukuttan and Sukanyeah Krishna, the two transgender people who are all set to tie the knot – a rare chance in India, to be honest.

It was three years ago when the love birds met each other at a hospital while inquiring about their respective sex reassignment surgeries. It was love at first sight and as Sukanyeah puts it, ‘he fell in love head-over-heels’ with her. I phoned Sukanyeah to gather some more lovey-dovey details of their relationship.

How excited are you for the marriage?

I can’t express my joy. Both Aarav and I are busy planning the small and simple wedding somewhere in October or November. Aarav is through with his operations while I’m awaiting one last sex reassignment surgery. Once it’s done, we will tie the knot.

What’s the plan for the D-day?

We don’t have a big budget and hence, are avoiding the unnecessary customs. We will keep it simple with close family and friends who wish us good luck. Individually, we’ve gone through a lot of bullying and trauma and therefore, we’ve decided to keep negative energies away on a precious day.

Do you plan to shift to Kerala after marriage where Aarav currently resides?

Yes, we’re looking for a house so we can move in together. We’re on a tight budget and hence, the process is taking time. We’re hopeful.

Would you like to share your honeymoon plan?

Aah, that. Well, I really wish to go to a hill station. It will be the winter season and I can’t wait to witness the splendid snowfall. I am hoping Aarav will agree to travel all the way to North. *laughs*

Aarav loves you unconditionally; there is no chance he will refuse. I wonder how he proposed to you!

We were in Kerala taking a brisk walk together when he suddenly held my hand. Contrary to my expressions, I was happy that he did so and was expecting a proposal. He finally spoke his heart out while I looked at him nervously. “Will you marry me,” he asked and I immediately said yes.

trans marriage

What common hobbies do you share?

Both of us are movie-buff. We like a certain kind of cinema and watch it together whenever he visits me in Bangalore.

Not in Kerala when you go to meet him?

In Kerala, we like spending time with his father’s sister. Aarav has got no immediate family members, and it is his aunt who looks after us with love and compassion. We recently celebrated Onam with her.

There is a gap of more than 20 years between the two of you. People say all kinds of negative things about such bonds, what is your opinion?

I’m 22 and Aarav is 46. I think age doesn’t matter when it comes to sharing our feelings with a like-minded person. Aarav and I believe in a life philosophy which is driven by the same values. How is age going to play a role in that? In fact, he has brought a good level of maturity in my life.

Lastly, do you feel safe in our country?

With the laws getting stricter by the day, it’s started to feel safe here. I am not among those who sit quietly and take the hatred as it comes just because we’re the third gender. The moment someone threatens or verbally abuses me, I take the help of the Police. Thankfully, I’ve always had a good experience with the law protectors.

Aarav was born a female named Bindu while Sukanyeah was identified as a man. After years of suppression, the two have finally decided to live a life they truly desire. We wish them good luck!

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