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Trans Model Kenny Awomi: I’m A Mix Of Calm And Storm In A 5′ 8” Body

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  •  July 4, 2019


Kenny Awomi is confidently making her way in the industry that still lacks imagination beyond binaries, pale skin palettes, and metro geographies. In her Instagram bio, she announces in bold – A Transgender model from Nagaland, India. 

Instagram post by kenny Awomi * Dec 6, 2018 at 4:51am UTC

314 Likes, 7 Comments – kenny Awomi (@kenny_awomi) on Instagram

This beautiful model has now become a fashion favourite in the industry not just because her catwalk is on point, she is the epitome of strength that she’s shown over the years. “I lived a pretty content life back in Nagaland. Everyone around me was cheery and made sure I stayed happy, too. My family members, school friends, and even faculty would often tell me – ‘Kenny, you’re brilliant. You are beautiful. You can do whatever you dream of. Go, win the world!’ These words continue to inspire me whenever I feel low or face difficulties,” shares Kenny in an interaction with IWB.

Kenny grew up in a small town of Zunheboto district. Enveloped in a warm, loving environment, she was encouraged to express herself. She will never forget the day when she took part in a reality show ‘Nagas Got Talent’ and showed up in female clothes publicly for the first time. And as she danced her heart out on the stage, her teachers cheered for her in the audience.


400 Likes, 9 Comments – kenny Awomi (@kenny_awomi) on Instagram: “HAPPY TRANSGENDER DAY OF VISIBILITY … 💜💖💙”

“I was identified as a boy when I was born. But as I grew older, I knew everything inside me was feminine. Confused about my outer appearance, I used to push myself to play sports popular among boys so I could be spotted among them and seen as one of them. These are all painful experiences LGBT kids are forced to live through to escape social labeling,” she explains.

Kenny’s mother, a single parent, helped her get the clarity. “My mother is a Rockstar. She’d buy makeup and feminine clothes for me because she knew, deep down, I wanted to look like a woman,” remembers the millennial model.

To mark her life’s new course and pursue modeling full-time, Kenny shifted to Delhi in 2010 – the city provided her with amazing opportunities while also banging the reality of racism and sexism against her. Despite the initial struggle, since she was already a known face after her stint in ‘Nagas Got Talent,’ she had conquered the city’s runways, including walking for none other than the talented fashion designer Amit Aggarwal.

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327 Likes, 15 Comments – kenny Awomi (@kenny_awomi) on Instagram: “#Repost @thefdci with @get_repost ・・・ What we all have been waiting for! #LotusMakeUp presents The…”

#Repost @amitaggarwalofficial with @get_repost ・・・ Love is the presence of acceptance and absence of judgement. Amit Aggarwal for The Grand Finale Rainbow Show at #LMIFW @thefdci #Loveislove Shot by @charuduttchitrak Model @kenny_awomi #love #pride #lovewins #lovepride #rainbow #lgbtq #lgbtqpride #equality #universallove #queer #samelove #instalove #genderfluid #rainbow

183 Likes, 1 Comments – kenny Awomi (@kenny_awomi) on Instagram: “#Repost @amitaggarwalofficial with @get_repost ・・・ Love is the presence of acceptance and absence…”

This breakthrough happened in October 2018 when around 40 designers came together to celebrate love and pride. “As I felt more settled in my life and became financially independent, I took the next big step. I thought it was time I matched my body with my soul. So about four years ago, my transformation finally began; and I will be honest, so far this journey has been quite painful, both physically and emotionally, but relieving at the same time,” remarks a proud Kenny.

Apart from the friends who have always stood by her, it was also her mother who’s been with Kenny through thick and thin. “She taught me how to ‘woman up.’ It’s solely because of her that I’m a mix of ‘calm and storm’ in a 5′ 8” body.”

The only person who have always been beside me and support me through out ,,, she is my pillar , my strength and my inspiration . she is one reason I want to grow as a beautiful women I am today and achieve every good things in life #postshow #runwayweek #momandme

286 Likes, 0 Comments – kenny Awomi (@kenny_awomi) on Instagram: “The only person who have always been beside me and support me through out ,,, she is my pillar , my…”

She continues, “While I’ve got all the love and welcome in the modeling industry; outside of it, I was given a reality check. Right from house hunting in Delhi to listening to unpalatable comments on my looks, I had my share of struggles living away from Nagaland. Cisgender people think that the Trans community is just a group of sex workers or beggars. According to them, we can’t have conventional jobs and we don’t deserve to get married and have families like them. This kind of perception is too damaging to the humankind, I feel.”

Today, Kenny recalls her painful journey as a testimony of hope to empower her community.  “Being born transgender is not a fault. You can feel masculine in a female body or you can feel feminine in a male body. It’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling right now. Don’t let the worldly rules define the diversity in you. Your sexual diversity is going to empower you one day. Trust me,” Kenny signs off.

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