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Trailer: Parineeti Chopra, Kalki Koelchin & Bhoomi Pednekar Plot Against The Poor Guy, Kiran!

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  •  September 28, 2015


Youtube is the new hotspot for series that are NO WAY going up on Television! Well you see, TV is reserved typically for “saas bahu” soaps. Anyway, a cool new series has been dubbed by Y-Films called Man’s World. It’s a man’s world for sure… Kiran, the protagonist of the story thinks otherwise!

The series has a huge recognizable cast! Like, literally, you can pin point at them and say, “OMG, it’s this girl I knew from that show, uh uh, wait, I know her!” Plenty of those moments will be experienced, guys! Let me warn you beforehand. Anyway, getting back to the series, So Kiran is pissed off with the world because IT IS SO UNFAIR TO MEN! Well, ladies first, right? And women tend to think that every man wants to rape them, right guys?  So Kiran feels taken advantage of! One day, he completely loses it and prays to God to let men switch places with women, because it’s so easy being a woman, and it comes with a lot of perks!

And since God is so cool, and fulfils every wish of everyone, he grants this one to poor Kiran in suffering. Kiran then goes through a whirlpool of experiences being a “beautiful young woman.” The trailer looks epic, and I don’t think ANYONE should miss this. So guys and girls, team up y’all, and have a great laugh, and maybe some changes in your perception, too. Who knows, women might get a little less whiney, and men will understand the true pain of a woman in “that time of the month.”

Strong female actors like Kalki Koechlin, Parineeti Chopra and Bhoomi Pednekar will be seen creating trouble in the world of Kiran in this satirical brand new series!

Watch the trailer and let us know what you think, down below!

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